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The Jet pumps are injection type clean water pumps,which are composed of
a centrifugal pump and a nozzle,have the advantages of beautiful design.
Self-priming in short time,reliable performance,high head and deep suction,
They are suitable for pumping clean water and non-aggressive liquid.
They are particularly suitable for domestic applications such as supply water 
from well,pool etc,The automatic distribution of water by surge tanks and pressure
switch,gardening and pressure boosting.

For water supply from well or reservoirs
For domestic use,for civil and industrial applications
Operating conditions
Maximum fluid temperature up to +40℃
Maximum sand content:0.25%
Motor and Pump
Rewindable Motor
Three-phase: 380-415V/50HZ
Options on request
Special mechanical seal
Other voltages or frequency 60HZ

Performance Curve

Technical Data