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AUTOMATIC HOT & COLD WATER SELF-PRIMING PUMP for cold and hot water pressure boosting widely used in living water taking,water taking from the wells,pressure boost of tap water and water pipe,irrigation of garden and farm.The latest high pressure pump is excellent in all respects,the design of pump has great originality,includes irrigation,drainage,housing water supply equipment which are efficient and economical.Also make the design more convenient to use.For home owner,this improved housing water supply equipment can be safe,reliable and convenient through reserve water for housing water supply.
1.Delayed Start
Pump will delay start by 3 seconds after turn on the power in order to protect the motor and operator.
2.No water No power
Pump will automatically power off once running without water for 8 mins.
3.Water Stop pump Stop
PC-Board can detect the flow and automatically control the pump off/on.
4.Intelligent Flow Control
When the flow is very small,The PC-Board will automatically detect and switch to small-flow model.
To ensure the pump work well in small flow conditions.
Preventing the pump on/off frequently to polong life of pressure switch.
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